• Site Evaluation
• Domain Registration
• Web Hosting
• Graphic Design
• Web Design

  1. Search engine registration is done every 6 months at a once off fee of £300 excl gst.
    1. New clients get the first year free.
    2. Every 6 months a letter will be faxed or emailed to you stating the date of this submission thereafter you have 30 days to notify us by fax whether you want to participate or not.
  2. All websites under the free packages are copywrited to UK Webs and cannot be used on any other server unless purchased for the market related price with that specified domain.
  3. All cancellations are subjected to a 30 day calendar month notice.
    1. All accounts have to be settled before cancellation is served.
    2. In the event of cancelling and wanting to transfer your domain name, you will have to purchase both the domain and the website for the market related price as these packages cannot be sold separately.
    3. If the client chooses the free package (redesign or new) and wishes to terminate thier services where the hosting period was or has been under a year the client will be liable for the market relaited value of the designed website upon cancellation, irrespective of whether the designed site will be used or not thereafter.

  4. In the event of changing banking details a faxed letter will be required to our accounts department.
    1. If for any reason your monthly debit order bounced you will be liable for a £57 admission fee.
    2. In the event of you stopping your monthly hosting debit order without serving your cancellation or notifying us, your account will be automatically re-instated after 6/7 months by our debit order system.
    3. If your monthly hosting fee bounces for more than 3 consecutive months, your services will be terminated.

    4. Your monthly debit order takes immediate effect once your domain has been registered.
  5. It is the responsibility of the client to supply all material for the development of their site.
  6. Once all material has been submitted, we will require +- 10 working days for the development of the website. Thereafter a preview link will be sent to you by the designer by which you have 7 working days to qualify for one set of free (design and/or layout) changes.
    1. Only once all material has been submitted can the design be started.
    1. You will receive one hour free changes (minor) every month. These changes will not be carried over to the next month.
    2. Minor changes include changes to copy (text) and substituting/removing images only. All other changes are excluded from this offer.
    3. All changes exceeding one hour will be charged at £150 per hour.
    4. All free websites are static designs. Should you require a dynamic design a quote will be sent to you on request.
    5. Each page on these packages will not exceed an A4 size page.
  7. All logo designs are charged at £350 once off subject to a detailed brief and material supplied by the client.
  8. Nobody can guarantee you top rankings on search engines; however we will register your site to enhance your rankings and searching capabilities.
    1. All submissions take +- 3 to 6 weeks to be indexed, if for some reason they are unable to you shall be informed.
    1. All meta-tags should be supplied by the client. These are keywords that search engines use to locate your business on the internet.
  9. Each client automatically receive one free personalized email address at your domain name.
    1. You are eligible for the package specific number of free email addresses.
    1. All additional mailboxes will be charged at £5 per month, and automatically added to your monthly hosting fee.
    2. This does not include aliases, but can be arranged with your consultant.
  10. Five or more referrals to your consultant entitle you to free web hosting.
  11. All clients will be allocated a 15 minute free consult with the designer thereafter he will be billed at a minimum fee of £150 per hour.
  12. Clients are allocated a maximum of 500mb of traffic per month on all of our packages thereafter, bandwidth will be charged at 19 cents a meg thereafter.